Where collaborative organizations share, discuss and decide

Loomio offers a workspace for conversation, sharing information and opinions, making proposals, deciding actions and achieving outcomes. Loomio is the heartbeat and living record of your organization.

Who is using Loomio?

Organizations who need a safe place for people to collaborate in discussion and decisions, reduce email overwhelm, agree on outcomes, and keep a record of decision making.

Typical Loomio users include:

professional service organizations

boards and committees

membership organizations

Include people in discussion and turn talk into action

Set and control your data privacy and the security you need

Overcome email chaos and improve communication

Build an archive of decisions and supporting discussion

Find information, discussions and decisions, fast

Use Loomio alongside chat and video call tools

Get things done faster and with more team alignment

Everything in one place for professional organizations

A safe and secure workspace for your team and clients to understand progress and move important discussions to an outcome.

“Loomio has led to better decisions, higher engagement, fewer meetings and faster implementation.”

James Bloemendal
Ian Martin Group
Staffing provider firm, Canada

Empower your team to have their say

Collate and share ideas and info. Give people the opportunity to participate, and keep everyone on the same page as you progress work.

Improve communication

Participating in open discussion and inclusive decision-making helps everyone progress work together effectively.

Be agile and innovative

Work out loud, gather advice and collective intelligence, to adapt your decisions and strategy to the changing world.

Outcome-focused decision making software for boards

Good governance is more than a board meeting. Stay connected with your board between meetings, deal with urgent matters and reduce board admin.

“Our board group has been particularly transformative, enabling continuous governance, improving response times and increasing our agility, resilience and sustainability… Loomio saves us thousands of pounds every year”

Austen Cordasco
Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN)
Business support services , United Kingdom

Continue governance between meetings

Stay in touch with your board and in context with your organization’s needs, so you can respond timely and effectively.

Use board meetings for issues that matter

Push board admin onto Loomio and prepare for your meeting by sharing documents, voting on resolutions and approving minutes to ensure your precious time together is used for what matters.

Keep a detailed record

Build a searchable archive of issues discussed, decisions made, voting and participation for audit and history.

Your digital workspace for membership participation

A safe, inclusive place for your members to engage in discussion and decisions that impact them. Share information, discuss issues and opportunities, make plans and decide actions.

“Our membership is a large, diverse, geographically scattered and busy group. We wanted them to be able to interact with each other to share views and debate ideas rather than just being sent information from our offices.”

Jane Porter
New Zealand Education Institute (NZEI)
Education union, New Zealand

Include and engage all voices

Loomio offers a safe place for all members wherever they are to find information, participate in discussion and vote on issues that concern them.

Organize for action

Facilitate working groups and committees to discuss issues, develop policy, organize events and prepare submissions.

Accessible knowledge archive

Build confidence and trust through transparency and inclusion.

Simple pricing with unlimited members

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